Ca the Yowes arrangement

Calum’s Road (& Staffin Island)

  • see also CB set 52

Cam Ye O’er frae France Score

Campbells Farewell to Red Castle

Captain Carswell – see CB set 5 (Riv Coln Vol 1)

Captain MacDuff

  • Score with LoganWater and CaptainMacDuff as strathspey

Caol Muile – see CB set 20 (Riv Coln Vol 1)

  • [(Sound (MIDI-gen)  N.B. midi file automatically generated by software for practise purposes. This melody was used by Hugh Roberton for the ‘Iona Boat Song]

Carol’s Trip to Dublin

Carse of Stirling

  • [A fine 6/8 march in pipe style by William Honeyman (1845-1919), best known as a composer and teacher of fiddle tunes. His tutor The Strathspey, Reel and Hornpipe Tutor (1898) is still extant. Goes well before Stirling Muir.]

Circassian Circle – see CB set 28 (Riv Coln Vol 1)

Chanters Song (collected by Francis O’Neill c.1900) – see also CB set 37

[the chanter’s song audio]

Charlie is my Darling


Cherishing the Ladies (Riv Coln Vol 2)

Chi Mi Muile (I See Mull)

Christmas Reels – see CB set 34

Chuir i gluinn air a bhoda

Cliffs of Moher

  • CB set 38
  • Score
  • Midi
  • (try with a 6/8 version of Heartbreak Hotel!)

Cockle Gatherer


Comb your hair & Curl it – see CB set 39

Cota Mor Ealasaid


Cradle song Waltzes – see CB set 33

Craigs of Stirling (Riverside Collection Vol 2)

Cutting Bracken

Da Auld Resting Chair


Dark Island

Dawning of the Day

Dannsa gin dannsa

Dashing White Sergeant – see CB set 12 (Riv Coln Vol 1)

Dew on the Grass


Downfall of Paris