Our repertoire is basically an alphabetic list of all tunes we have played together since RMP started up.  It is subdivided into the following:-

  • A-B
  • C-D
  • E-I
  • J-R
  • S-Z

The entry for each tune may contain:-

  1. Score – the ‘dots’ – usually a ‘PDF’ which you can download but occasionally a link to a page on the internet such as abcnotation.com or www.musichub.scot;
  2. MP3 or MIDI recording;
  3. Soundcloud link – a link to an audio recording of the tune on my Soundcloud page;
  4. Youtube link;
  5. Practise MIDI – a midi file that is automatically generated by software (usually Musescore) and can be downloaded for practise purposes;
  6. Where to find tune on our publications i.e. Riverside Collections Volume 1 or 2;
  7. Celidh Band set number;
  8. Notes.