Egan’s Polka

Eighteen Six Two Step (CB set 6)

(with dodgy percussion but good tempo!)

Eliza Ross tunes & chords

Emma & Jamie’s Wedding

Erin Shore

Everyday Heroes

Farewell to Govan


  • This tune is also well-known as the air for the Gaelic song Soraidh (Farewell).
  • Soraidh lyrics 

Faroe Rum


Fiddle Tree Jig

Fires at Midnight

Firth  of Forth

Flatwater Fran

Flett from Flotta

Flowers of  Edinburgh

  • Riv Coln Vol1
  • CB set 14

Floating from Skerry

Forth Crescent Jig (Riv Coln Vol 2)

Frank McConnell’s Three Step

Freylekhs Set

Furrows End-in-d

Gaelic Waltzes (Sine Bhan & Soraidh)

  • [waltzes played by Jo Miller & Neil Sutcliffe]

Galway Hornpipe

Gary & Miho’s Wedding


Gentle Light that wakes me

Gentle Milkmaid

George & Ann’s Golden Wedding

Give me your Hand (Tabhair Dom do Lamh)

Glengarry March

Gowan Hill

  • PractiseMidi
  • CB set 44
  • Riv Coln Vol 2 – Peter’s tune is also featured on the Gowanhill Heritage Trail – see if you can find it next time you explore this historic area!


Hakki’s Polka

  • Score
  • Score with second part
  •  Tom (Anderson) composed this polka in the winter of 1978 sitting at the fireside with an American student, Ellen Thomas, who wrote the second fiddle part. ‘Hakki’ is the Shetland name for the Norwegian ‘Haakon’, and this tune is dedicated to the great Norwegian King Haakon, a statuette of whom stands on Tom’s mantlepiece.
  • Thanks to Iain for this tune and to Tim for transcribing tune with second part and for above background notes


Happy Nigun

Happy One Step

Hector the Hero

  • CB set 41

High Drive

[Neil Sutcliffe playing Gordon Duncan’s High Drive as taught by Jo on 8th Feb 2015.  Great Stuff!!]

Highland Donald

Highlanders Revenge, The

  • [2 reels by Bruce MacGregor played by Jo Miller & Neil Sutcliffe]

Hokpers vals

Home Grown Waltzes

Hopeful Lover set

  • see CB set 32
  • Midi

House in Rose Valley

Hunters Hill

I’ll Aye Call in by Yon Toon

  • (Recorded at RMP session on 24 Jan 2016)