Egan’s Polka

Eighteen Six Two Step (CB set 6)

(with dodgy percussion but good tempo!)

Eliza Ross tunes & chords

Emma & Jamie’s Wedding – see CB set 63

Erin Shore

Farewell to Govan


  • This tune is also well-known as the air for the Gaelic song Soraidh (Farewell).
  • Soraidh lyrics 

Faroe Rum


Fiddle Tree JigCB set 51

Fires at Midnight

Firth  of Forth

Flatwater Fran

Flett from Flotta

Flowers of  Edinburgh

  • (Riv Coln Vol1 – CB set 14)

Floating from Skerry

Forth Crescent Jig (Riv Coln Vol 2)

Frank McConnell’s Three Step

(for those who like to learn by ear –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uwanyjgN-o 

Freylekhs Set

Furrows End-in-d

Gaelic Waltzes (Sine Bhan & Soraidh)

  • [waltzes played by Jo Miller & Neil Sutcliffe]

Galway Hornpipe

Gary & Miho’s Wedding – see CB set 66

Gentle Light that wakes meCB score 49

Gentle Milkmaid

George & Ann’s Golden Wedding

Give me your Hand (Tabhair Dom do Lamh) –CB set 67

Glengarry March

Gowan Hill

  • Midi
  • CB set 44 (Riv Coln Vol 2)

Hakki’s Polka

Happy One Step – see CB set 50

Hector the Hero

  • see also CB set 41

High Drive

[Neil Sutcliffe playing Gordon Duncan’s High Drive as taught by Jo on 8th Feb 2015.  Great Stuff!!]

Highland DonaldCB set 32

Highlanders Revenge, The

  • [2 reels by Bruce MacGregor played by Jo Miller & Neil Sutcliffe]

Home Grown WaltzesCB set 31

Hopeful Lover set

  • see also CB set 32
  • Midi

House in Rose Valley

Hunters Hill

I’ll Aye Call in by Yon Toon

  • (Recorded at RMP session on 24 Jan 2016)

Innisheer (CB set 35)