Jig Runrig CB set 19(Riverside Collection Vol 1)

Jimmy Allan CB set 21 (Riv Cln Vol 1)

Johnny’s gone tae France – (CB set 39)

Jo’s Sunday Session – see RMP Polka

Kanon (Pachelbel)

La Belle Halimande etc.

Lament for Iain Ruaidh

Lament for Limerick

Last Farewell to Stirling (Riv Cln Vol 2)

Late to slumber

Laura’s Tune

  •  included (along with ‘Braes o Doune’ see A-B) in CB SET 40

Lazy Days

Lea Rig (melody only) Lea Rig – 3 part arrangement

Leaving Stoer

Lebedik (part of Klezmer set)

Loch Lomond – see CB set 17 (Riv Cln Vol 1)

Logan Water

Lovely Stornoway – see CB set 20 (Riv Cln Vol 1)


Lucy Farrs

Maggie West’s

Malts in the Optics

Mazurka Limousin

Mckechnies-Farewell (CB set 77)

Mhari’s Wedding (CB set 2, Riv Cln Vol 1))

Midnight on the Water (CB set 89)

Miss Rowan Davies

Morag of Dunvegan – see CB set 20(Riv Cln Vol 1)

My Cape Breton Home

My Love is like a Red Red Rose – see CB set 23 (Riv Cln Vol 1) 3partscore

New-year-waltz (Gunn)

North Third (Riv Cln Vol 2)

Och is Duine Truagh mi (Poor Man)

Otter, The (Riv Cln Vol 2)

Over the Hills and Far Away

Patrick’s Reel

Pearl, The

Peat Fire Flame

Peerie Hoose ahint the Burn

Pheasant feathers (Hornby arr.)

Polovotsian Dance

Pretty Girl Milking her Cow

Put me in the Big Chest