The following lists all tunes in our repertoire with titles beginning A-B.  Clicking on link will provide a PDF score which can be downloaded and printed.  Sound files and background notes may be added, along with references to Ceilidh Band (CB) sets and publications, where scores can be found (Riverside Collections Vol 1 and 2). PCD 22/6/16.

18-6 two step

  • CB set 6 (Riv colln Vol 1) –
  • see also Eighteen Six Two Step (E-I)

A man’s a man, Duncan Gray, I’ll aye ca’ in

Abbey Craig March – see All Our Tunes and Riverside Collection Vol 2.

Abbey Craig Strathspey.  Notes:- collected as part of ‘All our Tunes’ project (Riverside Collection Vol 2).  The following external link provides background information – Abbey Craig  Composer:- Alexander Walker.

Ae Fond Kiss Set.  See CB set 23 for score (Riverside Collection Vol 1).

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Airthrey Sunset (Riverside Collection Vol 2) 

Albert’s 90thCB set 46

Alicias no 2.  A great klezmer tune learned from Celter Schmelter (Gica, Jen & Phil), at our 10th birthday ‘Day of Tunes’, Tolbooth, Septermber 2015.

Alyth Tattie Howkers – see CB set 16 (Riv Coln Vol 1)

An Paistin Fion – see CB set 42

Angus Campbell’s Farewell to Stirling Composer:- Hugh Mackay  Notes:- This tune was collected as part of  the ‘All Our Tunes’ project (Riverside Collection Vol 2). See pipe score at anguscampbell’sfarewelltostirling pipe score

Archibald Macdonald of Keppoch

Ardmucknish Bayscore   sound (mp3)

Arkansas Traveller – CB set 65

Arran Boat Song(see also CB set 57)

Ass in the Graveyard – see CB set 56

Auld Fiddler see CB set 64

Auld Lang Synehttps://soundcloud.com/user-709684281/auld-lang-syne

Autumn in the Ochils

  • Riv Coln Vol 2
  • included in CB set 29

Autumn Leaves

Bach Meets O’Carolan – CB set 67

Back walk Jigs (Riverside Collection Vol 2) https://soundcloud.com/user-709684281/backwalkjigs


Banks and Braes, Ye  See CB set 23 (Riv Coln Vol 1)

Barrowburn Reel

Battle of Sherrifmuir (Riv Coln Vol 2)

  • aka Here’s a Health to Them That’s awa’ (Burns)

Bear Dance

Bear Dance (Marie)

Belle Jigue Baptiste

Bennachie Sunrise – see CB set 60 for Score. (MIDI Recorded on Yamaha PSR s710 by PCD 22/1/2015, includes Lazy Days and Airthrey Sunset as played by SRCB).  Composer:- Paul Machlis.  Notes:- Intoduced to RMP on 21/9/2014.

Bluebell Polka see CB set 25 (RIV COLN Vol 1)

Bonnie Tammie Scolla.


Bonnie Glenshee.

Bonnie Isle of Whalsay

Boy from Timoleague – CB set 80

Boys of the Puddle CB set 27 (Riverside Collection Vol 1)

Braes o Doune (Riverside Collection Vol 2)(CB set 40)

Broyges tantz

Bughici Freylekhs

Buntata ‘s Sgadan

  • Score

Burns Slip Jigs

  • (recorded at RMP session 24 January 2016)